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Light as a physical phenomenon, as a condition for life and as a symbol, is the focus of the workshop entitled Lux.ed. The light from the sun is the source of our existence, which stretches across the boundaries of life as we perceive it in the context of the Earth. This assumption refers to our physiology, as well as to our culturological constructs, regardless of the race, social system, or any other kind of distinction.


The aim of the Lux.ed workshop is to connect the symbolic culturological use of light and color to the learning of modern-day technological application skills. In a number of contexts, on various occasions, we place lighting on the windows of our homes. Such little light objects are often placed on the window shelves, inviting and at the same time conveying a message of a warm and open welcome to those that pass by.


The light objects created in the workshop relate to these meanings, but also to the meaning of color and individual message. The RGB LED diodes and chips display the complete rainbow color specter. The object's author will use Morse's code to encode his own message to the world and use this address to deliver a message about the meaning of our common progress.


Making a light object is more than just learning about the skills of electrotechnics, programming, and design; it is also an expression of a symbolic gesture. So far, more than 500 children and youngsters have created such light objects in the frame of Institute 404 program. With a wish to promote the development of technological literacy competences, we are announcing the creation of a platform, which will enable a greater number of people to join the community and contribute with their own symbolic gesture of cultural and technological progress.


Barbi Seme (1989) works as head of the educational department at the youth technology & research center Institute 404, guiding a team of mentors in designing innovative educational and research programs. Her work focuses on the exploration of learning as a process, as an activity inside the learning environment, and as a subjective experience. Barbi Seme holds a MA from the Faculty of Education, University of Maribor, and is currently pursuing further studies of cognitive sciences in Ljubljana. Over the past few years, she has successfully introduced several educational programs to the Institute 404, and has collaborated with organizations such as Make, Conicyt (Chile), National Museum of Slovenia, ACE KIBLA, and others.

Urša Primožič (1997) works at the youth technology & research center Institute 404 as a mentor for elementary- and secondary school projects, and assistant for managing social media campaigns and event organization. One of her own secondary school projects includes the building of the Calypso submarine. She is currently studying physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana.
Jože Bajuk (1997) is a second-year student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. Ever since he was a child, he was drawn to everything involving science and/or technology. He was committed to various research assignments already in elementary school, and participated in a number of competitions in mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. In secondary school, he learned the basics of programming, 3D modeling, and electrotechnics through self-initiative. He is driven by his passion to discover how things are made and how they function.


The workshop was carried out several times as part of Institute 404's educational program.

View the photo gallery of one the first such events here: Facebook


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